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The importance of false eyelashes.

The importance of false eyelashes.

Issue Time:2019-07-29
Do you think that makeup will look better? Have you been told that "Why are you making makeup today, it looks weird"? However, it seems that there are no loopholes in the investigation. I thinks that it is very likely that your false eyelashes are working.
                                                                                                      Failed makeup
Look at the failure makeup of these goddess actresses to know one or two, want to have long curly eyelashes, the female star's failure to remember, to avoid the harm to have the perfect makeup.

From the fairy sister Liu Yifei to the hotel Queen Hilton, the goddess of the same female stars have also suffered from the loss of false eyelashes, how to have the perfect feather eyelashes, in the failure of the case, you must make progress.
                                                                                                 Failed  Actress: Xiong Dailin
Makeup failure: sagging while curling

Paste false eyelashes is not the same angle, while hanging up and sag, no matter how perfect the makeup and facial features look, the overall effect will certainly not be strange, because it unconsciously changed the shape of the eyes, but also changed the face The proportion, the rhythm of the eyes has also become inconsistent.
                                                                                               Failed actress: Paris Hilton
Makeup failure: eye lift

The part of the false eyelashes is the easiest to open the glue, so it may be a few millimeters backwards when sticking, and it is to ensure the dryness of the eye part. The effect of the eyelash glue can be maximized, and the phenomenon of opening the glue will be avoided as much as possible.
                                                                                         Failed actress: Tang Wei
Makeup failure: false eyelashes are too hard

The false eyelash material is too stiff, and the effect will be like a soup, which will become a triangle eye. Because the stem is too hard, the false eyelashes will not conform to the shape of the eye shape, and the resistance will change the shape of the eye. It will be uncomfortable. It is recommended to choose hand-woven cotton stalk false eyelashes. This will be avoided.

So what is the correct and good looking false eyelashes? Please see the demonstration of the following actress!
                                                                                                     Elva Hsiao
The thick eyelashes are exquisite, the long eyelashes are extended at the end of the eye, which makes the eyes have an elongated effect, and the curved eyes have a kitten-eye feeling.
                                                                                                 Fan Bingbing
Fan Bingbing's favorite feather fan false eyelashes, with clear roots and long curls, can be used as a thick black eyeliner. The delicate eye makeup also makes Fan Ye more charming.
                                                                                                   Li Wen,Coco                             
The electric eye Coco is well known, and Li Wei's long electric eyelashes perfectly increase the eyelids, which is very suitable for her own seductive looks.
After reading the above, we found that the use of good false eyelashes can give people extra points, it is important to stick eyelashes! Start our  eyelash selection tour now!