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How to remove false eyelashes?

How to remove false eyelashes?

Update Time:2019-12-06
Do not use alcohol cleaner on the suede eyelashes as it may weaken the strap.

Use a cotton swab to gently rub some oil-free make-up remover along the false eyelash belt and wait a few seconds for the glue to begin to dissolve.

Then, gently push the eyelashes down without using a separate harness to avoid pulling or tearing the eyelashes.

After removing the eyelashes, wipe the cotton swab with an oil-free makeup remover and gently wipe off the remaining glue on the eyelash belt. Do not lick into a bundle of fur.

After removing the glue from the strap, place the eyelashes in a clean, dry place, or put them back in the eyelash box to avoid dust.